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What I Offer

Please get in touch for any services you require relating to editing or writing. I have experience within a wide variety of formats, from academia to applications, speeches to scripts, blog posts to newspaper articles. I have worked for a range of clients, both native and non-native speakers.

My editing service offers you the opportunity to check and improve the text that you have produced. It will correct any spelling or grammatical errors in your work. It will also highlight any instances where your phrasing is unclear, offering possible suggestions to enhance the clarity of your expression. Additionally, it will indicate any inconsistencies in your writing - do you switch between writing 'chapter 1', 'Chapter one', and 'chapter One' for instance? Does your lead character suddenly change from 'Mrs' to 'Miss'?

In addition to the above, I will of course tailor my approach to your specific document. If there are particular areas that you want me to focus on, or you would like a particular stylistic guide implemented, I will happily help with this. I will give you an overall summary as feedback, providing relevant advice on how to improve aspects such as sentence structure, coherency of argument, or narrative of story as applicable. I will provide you with both a 'tracked' version (with comments and changes showing) and a 'clean' version (with all changes made). I encourage you to look closely at the 'tracked' version. It is of course up to you whether to accept a suggested change or whether to incorporate my comments. My mantra with editing is very much that this is your own piece of work and the final editorial decision should be your own; I will simply offer you help in compiling the final version. 

I also offer a broad range of writing services, having contributed to a published Creative Writing anthology, written newspaper articles, had comedy sketches performed, and been involved in the writing process for Enactus Southampton's presentation which saw them come second at the 2013 Enactus World Cup. If you need help with producing a presentation or script, have been asked to give a speech and have no idea of what to say, or want to produce a creative piece for a birthday, wedding or leaving lift, please get in touch. Equally, I can assist you with tasks such as updating your business blog or writing a community newsletter.

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